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Max-Planck-Institut für Experimentelle Medizin

Dr. Sandra Goebbels
Research group ‘Developmental Neurobiology’
Department of Neurogenetics
Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine
Hermann-Rein-Str. 3
37075 Göttingen
Phone: +49 (551) 3899 -747
Fax: +49 (551) 3899 -753

The mammalian central nervous system (CNS) is composed of a complex network of interdependent neuronal and supporting glial cells. The research group ‘Developmental Neurobiology’ focusses on transcriptional control mechanisms regulating cerebellar morphogenesis and on molecular interactions of neurons and glia cells that control myelin formation. The latter also motivates our interest in pathological processes in myelinating glial cells of the PNS (Schwann cells) and CNS (oligodendrocytes) that disturb normal axon/glia communication and are associated with the pathogenesis of peripheral neuropathies or psychiatric diseases.

For our research we rely on genetically modified conditional mouse mutants, which allow for a precise spatial and temporal control of target gene functions.

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