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Triple STED microscopy enables in vivo super-resolution of synapses by quasi-simultaneous imaging of three different proteins. more

Super-resolution STED microscopy for the first time enables the long-term observation of synapses in the healthy and diseased brain more

The use of cannabis during youth, experiences of abuse, and migration increase the risk for an extreme form of multiple drug use more

New institute combines natural sciences and medical research more

Undersupply of oxygen during physical and mental activity affects the entire brain more

Perturbed handling of cholesterol in the brain impairs endogenous repair mechanisms more

Perturbed handling of cholesterol in the brain impairs endogenous repair mechanisms more

Two researchers from Göttingen receive highly regarded Synergy Grant funding by the European Research Council. Six million Euros go to the Göttingen Campus. (in German) more

Myelin-forming glial cells are crucial for the temporal processing of acoustic signals more

Researchers increase the speed of signal transmission along nerve fibres in mice by switching off a protein more

Six international renowned researchers present their novel findings in this year's scientific lecture series Wissenschaft beim Göttinger Literaturherbst. All talks are presented virtually and can be followed via livestream. A single ticket allows you to participate in all online Göttinger Literaturherbst events. (in German) more

The doping agent erythropoietin could attenuate severe progression of COVID-19 more

Experience of trauma, abuse and poverty puts the mental health of many young refugees at risk more

The Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine joins the Covid-19 diagnostic network of Göttingen more

Researchers have uncovered the mechanism by which Epo acts in nerve cells more

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