Gender Equality

Gender Equality

The MPI-EM has set itself the goal of implementing the equality principles of the Max Planck Society at all levels in order to ensure an optimal working atmosphere and to enable the development of the full potential of all employees. With around 60% women and 40% men, there is a balanced gender ratio at our institute, even if it may differ in some areas.

Gender equality officers advise the institute and help to draft and implement the gender equality plan.

We are happy to advise you confidentially in one-to-one sessions about equal opportunities and compatibility of family and work. We specifically offer mentoring for early career scientists.

The Max Planck Society has implemented a clear guideline for the protection against sexualized discrimination, harassment and violence. If you are subjected to such occurrences, you can always access the gender equality officers confidentially. We advise you and will help you with further steps if you wish so. Especially in severe cases, we also suggest to seek external help in addition, e.g. the Women‘s Help Line Göttingen (Phone: 0551/44684; Mail: ).

Conflicts are often multi-layered and usually not only stem from a single criterion such as gender. Accordingly, different counselling centres or arbitration bodies can be most effective for the solution if combined. Here you will find an overview of possible contact points within the MPG.

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